MG Energy System LFP SERIES, 24V, 5,8 & 7.2 kWh

MG Energy System LFP SERIES, 24V, 5,8 & 7.2 kWh

MG Energy System LFP SERIES, 24V, 5,8 & 7.2 kWh

System Modularity

Up to 720 kWh, 24 – 470 Vdc

Robust & Reliable

The MG LFP Battery 24 V is available in two versions: LFP 230 and LFP 280. The second generation LiFePO4 chemistry forms the basis of this safe and reliable battery. This battery is fully scalable in both voltage and capacity. Easily expand your energy storage system (ESS) by connecting the LFP batteries in parallel and series. Connect up to 16 modules in series, to create a battery voltage of 470 Vdc. Adding more parallel strings increases the system capacity.  As a result, you can reach system capacities of 720 kWh.

How to Install

Cable Trays

Route the cabling over the batteries by using the cable trays. This prevents cable tangling. Through the innovative design, MG battery systems ensure a neat system installation.

CAN-Bus Communication

The CAN-Bus enables communication between the LFP Battery and the MG Master BMS. The MG Master collects and monitors all relevant data from the entire battery bank. The LFP  batteries 24 V are available with RJ45 or M12 CAN-Bus connectors.

LFP Certification

The LFP 24 V battery modules comply with several standards. The UN38.3 is the transportation test for lithium-ion batteries. To sum up, it includes thermal tests, altitude simulation, vibration, shock, overcharge and external short-circuit. Besides, the LFP battery comply with the ES-Trin regulations IEC-EN 62619 and IEC-EN 62620 (only LFP 280). These standards cover safety and performance tests on both cell and module level, including the battery management system.

Low Voltage and High Voltage

By putting the LiFePO4 batteries in series, you can easily scale the voltage level. For example, four batteries in series creates a system voltage of 96 Vdc. As a result the LFP battery 24 V is an excellent choice for many applications. For instance: electric propulsion, mobile power packs and generator replacement. In addition, they are often used for solar energy storage and peak shaving purposes. Every MG energy storage system must include an MG Master battery management controller for safe and reliable operation. Connect multiple MG Masters in parallel to create larger systems up to 720 kWh. With the optional SmartLink MX provides the possibility to create redundant systems. This increases the reliability of your battery system even more.

Safety + + Battery Management System

To ensure a high safety standard, each LFP battery module comes with an integrated battery management system. This is an intelligent electronic module called a slave BMS.  This slave BMS measures all cell voltages and temperatures inside the battery module. It controls balancing on both cell and module level, which is unique in the market. The slave BMS in each battery module communicates with a Master BMS. Via a galvanic isolated CAN-Bus the MG Master collects and monitors the status of all battery modules. If the measured values from a battery module exceed the limit, the MG Master will automatically take action to protect all of the connected battery modules.

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