MG Energy System LFP SERIES, 12.8 & 25.6 V, 2.7 & 7.2 kWh

MG Energy System LFP SERIES, 12.8 & 25.6 V, 2.7 & 7.2 kWh

MG Energy System LFP SERIES, 12.8 & 25.6 V, 2.7 & 7.2 kWh

This robust battery is based on LiFePo4 chemistry. With its high energy density it is the next level technology within this chemistry series. This series consists of a 12.8 V and a 25.6 V battery. Both are suitable for replacing existing lead-acid battery banks. The modules are very compact and light weight with high charge and discharge capability. At the same time the longer cycle life makes it the better choice compared to the traditional lead-acid batteries.

– Lead-acid replacement
– Extended cycle life
– Compact design
– Plug and Play
– Easy installation
– High charge and discharge rate


The LFP series is designed for use in smaller applications. For example replacements of traditional 12 V or 24 V lead-acid battery banks in boats, campers, caravans, cars and other mobile applications.


One of the flaws of a traditional system is all the equipment and wiring that is needed to monitor and connect a battery bank. Combining the LFP series batteries with the MG Master LV creates a compact system with reduced wiring and external components. The MG Master LV combines battery monitoring and control, DC distribution, fuse box and shunt in one device.


Each battery module comes with an integrated battery management system (BMS). This is an intelligent electronic module (slave BMS), that measures all cell voltages and temperatures to control balancing on both battery cell and module level. The battery modules communicate by a galvanic isolated CAN-Bus with the MG Master LV (master BMS), which collects and monitors the status of all battery modules. If the measured values from a battery module exceed the limit, the MG Master will automatically take action to protect the connected battery modules.

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